If you are in the market for a parrot, then reading this article will help you prepare for your adopted new friend. But the time that is spent is so well worth the effort when you see your happy, healthy parrot.

Parrots have become the most popular pet birds in recent times. And if you have ever seen one in action that you can understand the beauty of this bird and the allure it has on its owners. These exotic birds come in many different colors with different personalities and temperaments. And if their beauty was not enough, they also have the brilliance and intelligence to compliment their presence.

There are over 350 species of parrots and each species require a different care. A parrot diet is quite different just as their species is. Each parrot require a unique and different diet.

Some of the things to take into consideration when thinking about becoming a owner are:

Parrot Behavior: The parrot behavior is one of great importance because it determines if you have a happy parrot or not.. If the bird is not given the right parrot food, then as a owner you will see your parrot behaving in a way that seems strange and out of the ordinary.

Parrot Diet/Parrot Food: Parrot diets are very important because if their diet is wrong, then you will have serious behavioral issues on your hand. A parrot diet should consist of some of the below mentioned foods-parrot seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh water and a healthy portion of parrot pellets.

Parrot Cages: A parrot’s cage is important because he needs enough space to not feel closed in. And the space of the parrot cage does affect his mental state. The cage needs to be big enough so that the parrot can fly around. There also has to be enough room for parrot toys without the parrot feeling as if it’s being cramped in. Regularly inspect the parrot cage to ensure that there have been no damages caused of the parrot gnawing at the cage.

Parrot Training: Parrot traing is important because parrots love to spend time with their owners. And because they are highly intelligent, they get bored easily so training helps them stay active and give them something extra to do.. As a general rule, a parrot owner should not over stress the parrot with training. And the parrot should always be rewards when he or she does something right. You can reward your parrot with treats such as fruits, vegetables or scratching its head.

When considering to own a parrot make sure that you have weighted both the advantages and disadvantages of ownership. Though they require a little bit more attention and time, they are beautiful birds that will fill your life with joy and laughter. They are natural entertainer and will keep both you and your family entertained for 15 to 60 years. The joy of owning a parrot will worth the time spend in provide proper parrot care.

Written by C. J. Weatherburn