Belonging to the bird family Trochilidae, Hummingbirds are birds that can be found almost all over America. Depending on the species, Hummingbirds can be fun to watch as they flap their wings very rapidly (estimated speed it 16-80 times per second), fly backwards and float in mid-air. Take note that they are the only type of birds that are capable of flying backwards. Hummingbirds got their name for, guess what, the humming sound caused by their wings’ incessant flapping.

If you haven’t seen a hummingbird yet, its either you don’t go out much, or your mom did not take you to libraries or bookstores too often to at least glimpse a picture. Hummingbirds are typically small birds that have thin, long bills. There bills, together with their bifurcated, extendible tongue, allows them to sip, enjoy, and feed upon nectar, no matter how deep it may be within flowers.

Hummingbirds are one of the wonders of nature that are very much to watch. More than watching, feeding hummingbirds also provides visual fun and entertainment. Feeding hummingbirds also helps in maintaining their existence, and showing that man can take care and co-exist nicely with nature. Because of its nonstop and rapid wing flapping, despite relatively its small size, hummingbird must take in food at least 3-5 times per hour. This would make these birds very bad examples to those on diets out there, and hummingbirds will definitely be banned from fitness and health clubs everywhere because of this eating habit. But if there is one thing to envy about, the hummingbird has enough activity to keep fit and cute in size even after all those eating.

Also, it is nice to point out that even if for us humans, no matter how fascinating and fun to watch the way how hummingbirds fly, hover, and fly backwards, they themselves feel the opposite. Scientific studies show that for the hummingbirds, they are comparatively inefficient, being unable to fly and soar like other birds. I don’t know how these studies had the results; maybe they conducted an interview, hired an interpreter, and asked a friendly hummingbird hovering at a nearby flower answering questions by humming or flapping their wings faster or by wing/bird language. Either way, a hummingbird’s feeling about its hovering skills its more like a helicopter being relatively inefficient aircraft – a helicopter can’t really fly like an airplane or so. You get the picture.

Now, if you are in the mood t make a hummingbird smile, you can try feeding it. You need to prepare a sugar solution: mix 4 or 5 parts water to 1 part sugar. Then put the mixture into a feeder. Be careful and guide your feeder from other insects such as bees! This mixture should be sufficient to provide important additional calories to the hummingbirds’ daily diet of flower nectar, sometimes insects and even small spiders. Attract hummingbirds and make eating more enjoyable and fun for them by choosing red feeders (studies show that hummingbirds like the color red best, followed by yellow).

Written by Andrew Fuller