Learn Your Parrot – Know There Diet And Feeding Habits

Hello fellow or new Parrot owners. Personally, I love Parrots, even as an avid dog lover, I have found it quite hard not to just love the company  of my Parrot, “Stevie”, and I actually prefer to take Stevie on the road with me when possible. And if you are a new Parrot owner, you are sure to find out how special and unique these beautiful bird’s really are.

What I really want to do here is explain to you the difference’s amongst the many unique Parrot’s – (Currently we know of more then 300 SPECIES!) – and show you why there are so many different diet’s for Parrots in general. Understanding why each of the different Parrot species need’s certain diets and supplement’s, will really help you to make better decision’s when buying the correct Parrot food’s, the preparation of certain foods, and when and how you can variate your Parrot’s diet.

What I usually try to explain to new Parrot owners, is that you should make an effort to find out exactly where your Parrot originates from. Knowing your Parrot’s background and the type of region it comes from will make it a lot easier to determine the correct food’s. Not only WHAT  the food is and what it contains in the way of vitamins, but other things like size and preparation. Hopefully your pet store/shop owner will be able to give this kind of information upon purchasing of your Parrot. It will make a huge difference in the long run and the short term discovery of diets and other training techniques.

The 3 Main Parrot Diets

Basically what Parrot’s eat can be boiled down to 3 Main diet groups or categories. And each diet group can also be varied and supplemented according to your particular Parrot species.

1. Seed-Based Diets – Somewhat deficient in many vitamins and minerals -but they are easy and quickly available when needed.

2. Formulated Diets (Usually Pellets) – Usually the formulated diet will cover basic nutritional needs of all species – but certain species will definitely need added or supplemental foods,like fresh foods and other such food that contain the necessary vitamins and minerals (Fresh food has a way of keeping all the natural minerals and vitamins)

3. Cooked Diets – Usually , you cant go too wrong with the cooked diets. Most of the time the foods involved are very vitamin rich and will provide great minerals for your Parrots. Fortunately, these foods can be bought uncooked and prepared by you -or your can by them precooked as well. But they can lose there nutritional value if not fed to the Parrots before they spoil.

As you can see these diets really do cover all the different feeding styles that all the different Parrot species will need in general. Knowing your parrot’s background and it’s original home will determine the final diet and it’s supplements.

What I usually tell Parrot owners, is that the seed’s can most alway’s be fed to parrot’s. I wouldnt call the seed’s a full on diet of any kind, BUT, I would always consider keeping seed’s on hand. They are great for an instant food source, and will never do harm to your parrot.(Great for a quick meal or if your happen to run out at a bad time)

Making The Commitment To Your Parrot

The best option for a new Parrot owner is to make the commitment to their Parrot for the long haul. Parrot’s have been known to live for 60 YEARS! Which is totally amazing. And these are very unique/ special birds/pets. Making the decision to own one should never be taken lightly. I always -I mean ALWAYS – recommend that new Parrot owner’s get there own Parrot up-keep/Training guide.

Its the best way for you to alway’s have a resource for ensuring that you have a long lasting and healthy relationship with your Parrot.

Not only will you know with absolute positivity that exact type of your Parrot -but you will get the tips you need to raise your Parrot properly, and keep it from becoming “unruly” , by biting and other bad habits. (Not to mention , the speech training elements as well)

I know that its tough to answer the question , “What Do Parrots Eat?”. The answer’s can be somewhat vague. But its always about the Parrot owner knowing his/her bird, and then going from there.

For more in depth information on parrot diets and other great training tips, just follow the link below:

Learn What Parrots Eat [http://whatdoparrotseat.com/] – And more. Not only can you have a firm grasp of the parrot’s dietary needs, but you can learn to train your Parrot to speak. Be Friendly, and to avoid the Parrot biting that has been known to happen quite frequently.

Written by Jeffrey Jettison