Australia does not support the exportation of Gouldian Finches from its northern tropical region from where they originate. While the Gouldians are still registered as an endangered species, people can still have them as pets.

It is easy to spot Gouldian finches. They are some of the most attractive birds. Beneath they can be colored yellow, white or purple. They also can have grey, orange or red heads with green or blue backs. Many people are dazzled with how beautiful these birds can be. There are three general varieties of the Gouldian Finch that can be found naturally. These include the yellow-headed (Poephila armitiana), the red headed (Poephila mirabilis) and the black head (Poephila gouldiae) finch. Gouldians can however be found in other color varieties outside these known three. The colors of the female are not as brightly colored as those of the male. The male also have longer tail feathers. There are very few birds in the world that are as beautiful or as colorful as the Gouldian Finches.

Still, there are some things that people need to be prepared for. Taking care of the Gouldians requires a lot more effort and attention than caring for heartier breeds such as the Society and Zebra finch. If you have never had any experience caring for birds or Gouldians, you might initially find it difficult taking care of them. They, like many other types of finches, do not like to be petted or held. If you are in search of bird that you can finger tame, then you might want to consider elsewhere. Do not keep Gouldians individually in cage. They need to be kept in groups because of their social personalities. Changing the environment around their cage or surroundings can also affect the health of these birds. If prolong stress patterns are maintained, a bird’s resistance to diseases can be weakened.

Gouldian Finches, just as is common with other varieties of finch are very active birds. They can fly for many long hours. Regardless of if they are in a cage or in an aviary, they require ample flying room. The recommended minimum size of any bird cage intended for Gouldian Finches is 20 inch. Cages for housing these birds can either be made of metal or wooden. Just make sure that the space between cage bars is never greater than one-half inch to prevent injury and escape. They should never be put in brass cages because the metal alloy is known to be toxic to their systems. There are stores that offer an alternative with brass colored cages.

These are however not the only attractive features of the Gouldians. As well as their colorful personalities, Gouldian Finches are a great source of diversion. Their chirps are very beautiful. Female Gouldian can however not sing. This attribute is found only among the males. Although the care of ths bird is a little bit more involved than some of the other finch species, their vibrant colors and their pleasant personalities make the care and involvement in the Gouldian Finches’ life wonderful. And this is why they are so well loved.

Written by Sara Swati