First Tip

Exotic Pet Birds are a lot different from dogs and cats as pets. Unlike dogs and cats, Exotic Birds do not need special grooming treatments. Grooming a Exotic Birds should maintain clipped nails and wings and a beak in perfect shape. But this is not something easy to do. A Exotic Bird owner should be trained by a professional avian veterinarian to make sure that they know what they are doing. If not, never attempt on grooming your Exotic Birds because it might cause serious injuries.

Second Tip

People visualize that a Parrot at home might be a source of entertainment. This is true if you work with and care for the bird. Before getting a new parrot, keep in mind that this,like any pet you own or care for can be time consuming. Many think that because birds are caged they call for less work. This is just not true if anything they require more.

Third Tip

Appropriate parrot care is to find the right cage. For all intent and purpose the cage you choose is going to be your pets home!For an adult exotic pet bird, a too small cage will cause the bird to really feel cramped. If it’s a baby parrot on the other hand, they can harm themselves inside a cage which is too large.

Forth Tip

Following selecting a proper cage, make sure you clean the cage often to keep your pet in a healthy environment.Yet another big part of parrot care is to make sure that the bird has a low amount of stress. This means to allow the bird a very good space or room in which to see everyone. Maintain his caged stocked with plenty of food, water and toys also.

Fifth Tip

Pet parrots by nature are social birds. Only 1 parrot in your home means you must give, that parrot much attention. Interacting with the bird will help keep your pet happy and keep the bird stress levels low. If you are not able to spend a significant amount of time with your bird you may want to consider two or more parrots.

Sixth Tip

A proper diet is essential to a healthy diet. Bird pellets are the most nutritious diets available. You should supplement this with fresh vegetables and fruits sometime, however avoid citrus fruit.

Written by Francesco Marino